Stethoscope of the Future

January 31, 2022 | Dubai, UAE
Stethoscope of the Future

Stethoscope of the Future – the Butterfly iQ+ in action

Abdul Latif Jameel Health talked to Butterfly Network‘s Dr. Peter Weimersheimer, VP Clinical Implementation, about the truly innovative Butterfly iQ+ – the world’s first hand-held, whole-body portable ultrasound device – during his visit to the UAE for Arab Health 2022, to hear more about how this breakthrough ‘Ultrasound-on-Chip’ technology is revolutionizing patient-side care as the stethoscope of the future.

Hear what Peter had to say about using the device in the video below:

You can learn more about the collaboration between Abdul Latif Jameel health and Butterfly Network in our recent Abdul Latif Jameel Health Insights article on this technology here.

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