Abdul Latif Jameel Health’s ‘Insights’ thought leadership series provides you with a unique and engaging insight into the challenges and opportunities seen in realizing our vision of accelerating access to modern medical care for those who need it most. We’ll feature stories from around the world, about our targeted investments, our partnerships and the issues relevant for raising health and healthcare standards and access across our global society today and tomorrow.


imgAugust 25, 2022 | Cambridge, MA, USA

Innovation in inflammation by guest author: Dr. Simba Gill, CEO, Evelo Biosciences

Inflammation has been called the silent killer. It is one of the main causes of diseases and conditions affecting billions of people all over the world and includes everything from asthma, Alzheimer’s and allergies, to debilitating diseases like psoriasis, inflammatory bowel disease and neuroinflammatory diseases. Inflammation plays a key role in some of the world’s leading causes of death, such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Recent research has even suggested that the process of ageing itself, along with its associated pathologies, is driven by persistent inflammation.

imgJune 24, 2022 | London, UK

Forging a new model for cancer treatment: A Q&A with Professor R Charles Coombes

Forging a new model for cancer treatment: A Q&A with Professor R Charles Coombes, newly appointed special scientific advisor to Abdul Latif Jameel Health.

imgFebruary 7, 2022 | Dubai, UAE

Q&A Interview with Melanie Nallicheri, CEO EQRx & Akram Bouchenaki, CEO Abdul Latif Jameel Health

Healthcare for the many; not only the few! A Q&A with Melanie Nallicheri, CEO of EQRx, on a mission to remake medicine.

imgJanuary 31, 2022 | Dubai, UAE

Stethoscope of the Future

Abdul Latif Jameel Health talks to Butterfly Network's Dr. Peter Weimersheimer, about the truly innovative Butterfly iQ+

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imgNovember 25, 2021 | Dubai, UAE

Democratizing healthcare scan by scan

Democratizing healthcare, scan by scan: Q&A with Butterfly Network & Abdul Latif Jameel Health on their new distribution partnership for the innovative Butterfly iQ+ handheld imaging device.

imgNovember 7, 2021 | Dubai, UAE

Sharing a vision of a virtual future: Holoeyes & Abdul Latif Jameel Health

Sharing a vision of a virtual future: Q&A with Holoeyes & Abdul Latif Jameel Health on their new strategic collaboration on medical VR technology.

imgOctober 31, 2021 | Tokyo, Japan

Singing the same tune: Q&A with Melody Intl. & Abdul Latif Jameel Health CEOs

Singing the same tune: A Q&A with CEOs of Melody International and Abdul Latif Jameel Health on their exciting new partnership in perinatal care

imgAugust 16, 2021 | Dubai, UAE

Cell mates - Q&A with CEO’s of Cellarity & Abdul Latif Jameel Health

Cellarity is generating unprecedented biological insights by combining its unique expertise in network biology, high-resolution data &machine learning.  The result is nothing short of revolutionary.

imgJune 24, 2021 | Boston, USA

Progress through partnerships - Q&A with Prof. James J. Collins

Abdul Latif Jameel Health is continually forging partnerships with leading organizations, researchers, innovators and thinkers in the global biotech and health industries. In 2021, it appointed Prof. James J. Collins as a special advisor.

imgMarch 24, 2021 | Dubai, UAE

A partnership towards innovation

Abdul Latif Jameel Health announces its first commercial partnership for therapeutic medicines with US-based Evelo Biosciences in January 2021.

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